Vancouver Whitecaps

30 Days 'til Kickoff

On an extremely limited budget, we were tasked with motivating Vancouver’s soccer community to count down the days until the Whitecaps’ first game in Major League Soccer. What resulted was a campaign that incorporated the city, and their love for the game. Promoted prior to launch with a teaser campaign, we counted down the last 30 days 'til kickoff.

Over 41 days we created 30 videos that loaded to a website and desktop application every morning and featured events, stunts, and celebrities – all celebrating the beautiful game. Not only were the videos being viewed and shared, but the events themselves became great PR opportunities that resulted in high levels of unpaid media.

Case Study

“30 Days ‘til Kickoff” was one of 3 finalists considered for the 2011 BCAMA Marketer of the Year award.

Protect Your Turf

At the end of their first season in Major League Soccer, the drive was on to get Whitecap’s season ticket holders to renew for next year. We paralleled the thought process of a player with that of a supporter in order to encourage the target to save their seat for the following season.

In-stadium, we created seat tags that could be used to keep others away from your chosen seat. These were placed specifically on the seats of season ticket
holders. Other signs with a different call to action were placed on the seats of potential season ticket holders.

Love Letters

As the Whitecaps were only in their second year of Major League Soccer, the love affair with the league had only just begun. Capitalizing on Valentine’s Day, we took the opportunity to send “love letters” to our closest rivals, assuring them that there was much more in store for their relationship. Fans loved it, and the rivalry fire was stoked again.