Lawson Lundell


Lawson Lundell leads the way when it comes to natural resource law in Western and Northern Canada. We were tasked with communicating this to law and natural resource professionals. Many of this target group were not aware of Lawson's presence beyond Vancouver, when in fact, Lawson has offices in both Yellowknife and Calgary.

Student Engagement Program

Every year thousands of law students graduate from university and are looking for placement in a law firm. Lawson Lundell wants to attract the best and the brightest. They need to stand apart from the rest of Vancouver’s student recruiters. What resulted were engaging pieces that connected with their young audience.

From Ads to e-Cards 

Law firms are traditionally conservative and Lawson Lundell is no different. Our client agrees that “conservative” doesn’t have to mean, “boring”. They can be the law firm to inject a degree of entertainment into its brand communications.