Park Royal

Park Royal Lego Garden event

During Construction to Park Royal the marketing team had to come up with creative ways to keep people coming to the mall. It was decided that a Lego garden would be constructed in both the North and South malls as a draw for young families.
Locally, ads went out printed with simple instructions to build Lego plants and insects. Parents and their kids could bring the ads with them to the mall where they got to help a professional Lego builder construct the gardens. The ads were fun and colourful, reflecting the event perfectly. The event was a huge success and the garden will return once again in the spring.

Retail Expansion

Park Royal was expanding on The Village, an outdoor retail section of the shopping centre. Construction was visible and disruptive to customers, so a signage program needed to be put in place.

We came up with the tagline, “The Evolution of Something Special” to communicate the changes that were occurring, with a nod to the past, and a hint to the future. The theme of evolution was brought into all aspects of the colourful communication pieces.


As Park Royal evolves, it looks to find new ways to connect with their guests. Information booths are now called Hub South and Hub North. You can get directions, wifi, strollers, gift cards, gift-wrapping, and of course, information at these locations. The new design and name now reflects this updated shopping experience.